TaskERP Cloud Private Cloud On Premise
₹ 7,200
(Per Annum)
₹ 24,000
(Per Annum)
₹ 14,400
(Per Annum)
FREE Installation FREE Installation One-time Installation fee applies *
Instant Provisioning Provisioning within 24-48 hrs. Provisioning within 72 hrs.
Up-to 50 Users Unlimited Users Unlimited Users
E-Mail & Chat Support E-Mail & Chat Support E-Mail, Chat & Phone Support
Suitable for up-to 50 users Suitable for more than 50 users For Businesses having own IT Infrastructure
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Payment Collection Service (For TaskERP Cloud & Private Cloud Subscription only)
  • 2.5% of invoice value or INR 10, whichever is higher: for payments collected using Indian Payment Gateway (CCAvenue).
  • 5% of invoice value or INR 25, whichever is higher: for payments collected using PayPal.
  • Free: when using your own PayPal account for international payments.
SMS & E-Mail
  • SMS can be bought within the application @ 20p per SMS.
  • Configure and use any third party SMS service free of charge.
  • E-Mails can be bought within the application @ 1p per E-Mail.
  • Configure and use your own e-mail service free of charge.
* Installation to be carried out by your IT team based on provided documentation. Contact us for installation queries.
† Up-to 5 users can be added without any additional charge. Additional users can be added at INR 600 per user per annum
Under TaskERP Cloud, the application is hosted on our scalable cloud servers powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS).
These servers are fully managed by our teams. We take care of the updates, backups and security of the server, database and application.
These are high capacity servers that support multiple client installations. We scale the server capacity as per load so that you always get best user experience.
TaskERP Cloud is suitable for businesses with up-to 50 users. For higher number of users, consider Private Cloud or On-Premise Installation.
Contact us if you have more queries on TaskERP Cloud Installation.
This is a separated installation of TaskERP on an isolated database.
This database is meant to serve only your business and is not shared between multiple clients.
Our tech team takes care of the updates, backups and security of the server, database and application.
Go for Private Cloud if your user base is more than 50.
Contact us if you have more queries on Private Cloud Installation.
If you already have an IT infrastructure in place at your office (Web Server, LAN & IT Support Team), go for On-Premise installation of TaskERP.
You can configure TaskERP to be only accessible on your private network and prevent access from the internet.
We will provide detailed installation instructions to your IT Support Team and can also assist in installation remotely.
The responsibility of updates, backups and security of the server remains with you.
Contact us if you have more queries on On-Premise Installation.




All our products are backed by a comprehensive documentation. You can easily find information with step-by-step guide to accomplish any task. The documentation is regularly updated as we collect new information from your feedback and as we release any new features. Support Docs.


TaskERP is a cloud based solution to manage accounting, payroll, sales, marketing, customer support and billing. It does not require any software installation on your devices. It is a highly scalable solution that is suitable for businesses of all size. Get started instantly by signing up for free 30 day evaluation.

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