Using Gmail to send mails

  F) Marketing & Communications

If you are getting started with e-mail marketing and the volume of e-mails that you plan to send is low (50-100 e-mails per day), configuring your existing Gmail account can be a good idea for testing purposes.

However, for higher volumes, you should look for a professional e-mail solution or host your domain and/or e-mail with us.

To configure Gmail, navigate to Home > E-Mail Settings

  1. Click on ‘Add Mailbox’ button on top right
  2. In the pop-up box, enter following details:
    1. Sender Name: Your brand name. This will appear in the ‘From’ field to your e-mail recipients
    2. E-mail address: Your full Gmail e-mail address
    3. Password: Your Gmail login password
    4. SMTP Address:
    5. SMTP Port: 587
    6. Require SSL: Yes (Check the box)
    7. Click ‘Save’
  3. The mailbox should now appear in the list of mailboxes.
  4. Under the ‘Select mailbox for sending e-mails…. ‘ section, select the above defined mailbox for ‘Marketing’ and click ‘Save’ button at the bottom of page.

That’s all you need to do to enable sending e-mails using Gmail’s SMTP server. However, your mails may still not get delivered to the recipients. This is because Gmail does not allow relaying mails from their servers (to avoid spamming). You need to take additional few steps to get this working:

  1. Go to your Google account settings by visiting
  2. Sign in (if required)
  3. Click on first card that reads ‘Sign-in & security’
  4. Scroll to the very bottom of the page to find a section that says ‘Allow less secure apps’. If this setting is turned OFF, you need to turn this to ‘ON’
  5. After this, try sending an e-mail and see if it gets delivered.

The first time you try to send e-mail from TaskERP using your Gmail account, you may receive an e-mail alert from Google saying that ‘Sign-in attempt was blocked’. If this happens, click on ‘Check Activity’ link in the e-mail or visit and allow the recently blocked activity by confirming that it was you who tried to send the e-mail.

After taking above steps, there should be no issues in sending e-mails using Gmail.

However, remember that if you send hundreds of e-mails using Gmail, Google may block your e-mail sending privileges for some time. It’s always good to have a professional e-mail service to send quality e-mails to your recipients.

If you need more information on this topic or wish to host your domain and e-mail with us, get in touch with us.

Happy Mailing!