Subscription Basics

  A) General Info

This guide will explain basics of TaskERP subscription and how it works.

Trial Period

TaskERP starts with a trial period of 30 days as soon as you sign up. Certain functions of TaskERP are restricted during trial period but in general you can try all features to fully explore.

Converting to Regular Paid Subscription

During trial period and within 30 days after trial period is over, you can easily convert your trial to a regular paid subscription by making paying subscription fee.

It’s worth noting that if you choose to pay the subscription fee before your trial period ends, the regular subscription  begins only after your trial period and you will get full 1 year of paid subscription in addition to 30 days trail. The limitations of trial period are removed immediately upon subscribing. Thus, there is no harm in paying early if you choose to do so.

Add-on Services & Charges

Certain services in TaskERP require you to buy credits separately. These are explained below:

  1. Additional Users: TaskERP cloud subscription allows you to add up-to 5 users without any additional charge. If you have a bigger team and need to add more users, the same can be done at an additional charge. View pricing page for more details.
  2. E-Mail & SMS: You can send up-to 1,000 e-mails and 100 sms per month in total using in-built e-mail and sms service. If you need to send additional e-mails or sms, you need to buy credits. The pricing for e-mail and sms is available at pricing page.

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