Getting Started

  A) General Info

Congratulations and thank you for choosing TaskERP – Online GST Accounting, Payroll, Sales, Service & Marketing ERP.

Your business just got more powerful!

In this article we will take you through the basics of TaskERP to make you familiar with the features and get things done quickly and correctly.


TaskERP is a suite of 5 applications as follows:

  1. Accounting: A feature rich accounting solution with inventory management and compatible with GST laws. Quickly generate GST returns with one click.
  2. Payroll: Manage payroll of employees in an easy to use interface. Statutory compliance with ESI, PF, Income Tax and more.
  3. Sales: Manage your sales leads, timely follow-up with customers and drive higher sales conversion.
  4. Support: Manage customer queries and complaints, provide timely and accurate resolution to customers and increase repeat sales by achieving higher customer retention.
  5. Marketing: Send email and sms alerts to hundreds of customers in one click. Keep your customers updated about new product features, or run a marketing campaign to attract new customers.

All the above applications are part of your subscription and you do not need to pay anything additional to use them. The usages charges and limits are prescribed on our pricing page.

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  3. GST Portal  –

We hope this guide was helpful to get you started. In case you need any assistance with any of the feature, simply call us or write to us.