Frequently Asked Questions

  A) General Info

Here we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions by our clients. We keep updating this page as we collect more queries and solve them. You are most likely to find the information your are looking for here.

What are the limitations of a Trial account?

There are no limitations in terms of functionality in your Trial account. There are ceiling to no. of e-mails and sms that you can send from the application. These ceilings are lifted once your account becomes regular.

What are different account statuses?

A subscription can have multiple status that affects the functionality of your account. These statuses are described below:

Trial: When you sign up, your account status is set to Trial. In this status, all the functionalities are active. There are certain restrictions on the number of items you can create. To remove this restriction, you need to make a payment and convert your account to ‘Regular’ status.

Regular:  Regular accounts have no restrictions on creation of records across all applications. A trial account becomes Regular upon first payment.

Deactivated: Once your trial is over and you haven’t subscribed to regular plan, your account becomes ‘Deactivated’. Similarly, once your regular subscription has ended and you haven’t renewed your account, becomes ‘Deactivated’.

We will send you e-mail and sms alerts as your trail is about to end or your subscription’s renewal is approaching. Under ‘Deactivated’ status, you can still login to the application but cannot use any functionality except buying or renewing your subscription. Upon payment, your account will be restored to ‘Regular’ status immediately.

To Be Deleted: If your account stays in ‘Deactivated’ status for 45 days, the status will change to ‘To Be Deleted’. With this status, you will not be able to login. If you wish to continue your subscription, you need to contact the support to help reinstate your account. Once your account status becomes ‘To Be Deleted’, you will receive e-mail and/or SMS alert to restore your account. We keep your data secure for another 45 days after your account becomes ‘To Be Deleted’. After this period, all your account data in TaskERP will be deleted and cannot be restored.

To check your account status anytime, go to ‘Home’ > ‘Subscription’ page.

How many users are allowed per account?

There is no limit to number of users that you wish to add to your account. Up-to 5 users are allowed free of charge per account. More users can be added at an additional charge. Visit pricing page for more information on the charges involved.