Customer Library

  A) General Info

Customer library is a shared feature that is available across all applications in Workspace.

You can create customer records by adding details like company name, contact person, e-mail address, mobile, address etc. Each customer record can have up-to 50 different contacts also. Contacts are individuals within a customer. For each contact, you can specify their designation, e-mail address, mobile, phone, birth dates and other information.

Update Customer Library

When adding a sales lead, creating a support ticket or creating an invoice, you need to enter customer details. You can search and select existing customer from your customers library and populate this information. This saves time and also keep your sale leads/tickets/invoices linked to the customer for better analysis. You can also enter the customer information without searching and selecting a customer.

While entering customer information there is an option to ‘Update Customer Library’. If selected, this options works as follows:

  1. Entering new customer information: Workspace will attempt to add the customer to your customer library. If there is already a customer with exactly the same name, the add operation will not proceed. Your original request to create sales lead/support ticket/invoice will proceed as usual, but the customer library will not be affected and the resulting sales lead/support ticket/invoice will not be linked to any customer.
  2. Searching & selecting a customer: Workspace will update the customer library with information entered on the current page. Other items linked to the customer will not be affected. To update information in all linked items (sales leads/support tickets/invoices), open the customer record, update the information, select the ‘Update linked items’ option at bottom and click ‘Save’.

Always keep your customers information up-to-date for better communication and great customer relations.