Accepting PayPal Payments

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Online Billing and PayPal Payments

Online billing is fast becoming a must have service for all modern businesses who envision to break the traditional stereotypes and outperform the competition. Online billing, coupled with online payment is not just limited to e-commerce businesses but every modern business is not adopting one or more ways to allow their customers to pay online.

With the above in mind, PayPal, the world leader in online payments, recently launched payment gateway services for Indian merchants to accept online payments from customers based in India. This service is live and ready to use by all Indian merchants.

We, at Runtime Software, keep up with the latest and greatest in the business. You can now add your PayPal details right inside Runtime Workspace and start accepting online payments from your customers.

How to add PayPal to Runtime Workspace

To activate this functionality, follow the below steps:

Visit and signup for a account and complete your KYC to accept online payments. The process of registering with PayPal is very straightforward and you should be done in just a few minutes. If you get stuck at any stage, call the PayPal customer care and they will guide you through.

Once your account is setup and active, login to PayPal and go to Tools > All Tools from top menu.

You will see a page with various cards. Click on ‘API Credentials’ card as shown below:

paypal api credentials for online payment

After clicking on API Credentials card, click on ‘Manage API Credentials’ link under ‘NVP/SOAP API integration’.

On the following page, click on ‘Generate API Credentials’ button.

After generating API credentials, you will see a page as shown below:

Click on ‘Show’ to reveal you API Username, API Password and Signature.

You need to add these details in Runtime Workspace to activate online payment collection service.

Go to Accounting and then click on ‘Settings’ > ‘Online Payments’ from top menu.

Click ‘Yes’ where you are asked ‘Would you like to allow your customers to pay your invoices online?’

Under the following page options, enter your PayPal credentials obtained from page above.

Click ‘Save’ to save your PayPal settings and you can start collecting online payments from your customers.

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